During this exciting season of renovation, this page will hold all of our most recent updates for you to more easily access. It is our desire as a church to keep you as up-to-date as possible, so we will continue to add pictures and progress reports to this page. Please check back frequently and let us know if you have any questions by sending us an email here. We'll do our best to contact you as soon as possible!

  • Sanctuary Renovation Update - 6/6/22

    The stone work in the sanctuary and in the narthex is finished!  This space of worship is looking so inviting and beautiful!  Please continue in prayer for the windows to come in sooner than they are now expected.  

  • Sanctuary Renovation Update - 5/31/22

    The stone work in the sanctuary and in the narthex began this week!  This space of worship is going to be beautiful!  Please be in prayer for the windows to come in sooner than they are now expected.  

  • Donated Pews & Sanctuary Reno Update -5/22/22

    The pews we donated to the Russian church have been installed in La Paz, Mexico! Here’s a picture of the pews in their new home. Praise the Lord! From the recipients: "Please accept our appreciation for your generosity and pass it along to your church."

    Summer Project Focus and Challenges

    Over the summer the project will be focused on electrical work for sanctuary lighting and audio-visual equipment, the creation of two new crosses and a holy table, and finishes (walls, floors and the dais). Here are a few updates on our pews, windows and increased expenses for the project. Consider this also as your building project prayer list:

    •       We hope to have a congregation project update in mid-august. Stay tuned for a date.
    •       Our new pews are under construction in Pennsylvania. We’ve finalized all the finishes with our design team, and they are on target for completion in July.
    •       We’ve recently learned that our window manufacturer has given us a two-month delay which moves back delivery of the windows from July to September. Despite our efforts and those of our architect to shorten this delay, it has been made clear that supply chain issue which are affecting many industries are also affecting the construction timeline for our windows. Unfortunately, this will likely delay our occupancy until October.
    •       Our contractor recently delivered to us a request for a significant increase to our electrical expenses. The vestry has approved these necessary expenses which has depleted our building project contingency fund. We believe we will be able to make up this cost over the year, but please pray that we have reached the apex of our unplanned expenses. Our day-to-day finances remain stable, and we give thanks for the faithful and consistent giving to the Lord’s work through this church.

    If you have any questions please email Ron Light, our project manager or Todd Heidelberger.

    finewoodworker@earthlink.net, Toddheidelberger@gmail.com


  • Sanctuary Renovation Update - 4/25/22

    The renovation project is continuing nicely these past two weeks!  There is a lot happening, so if you would like real-time updates check out our Facebook page!

    The siding on the building was nearly completed and the large narthex window was re-framed.  A very productive meeting was held this week with our architect, general contractor, electrical contractor, AV provider, and project managers.  During the meeting everyone walked together through the space, coordinated issues, solved problems and worked together. God has brought some wonderful people to our project and we have a lot to be thankful for as we prepare this space for His glory!