During this exciting season of renovation, this page will hold all of our most recent updates for you to more easily access. It is our desire as a church to keep you as up-to-date as possible, so we will continue to add pictures and progress reports to this page. Please check back frequently and let us know if you have any questions by sending us an email here. We'll do our best to contact you as soon as possible!

  • Sanctuary Renovation Update - 9/19/22

    -Structural work in the vestments room passed the Clarke County building inspection.  The drop-down ladder is installed and complete.

    -Trim, drywall, priming, and other finish work occurred throughout the sanctuary and narthex to the extent sensible without the new windows.
    -Prime contract electrical and audio/ visual/ light electrical work is complete.
    -Windows are on track for delivery September 29th or 30th.  Presuming this occurs and there are no issues, carpentry work will begin in earnest to install windows beginning October 3rd.

  • Sanctuary Renovation Update - 9/12/22

    -Our existing security and fire protection system was updated this week.

    -Our prime contractor indicates that our windows should now be delivered September 28-29 with an installation date beginning October 3!
    -Sanctuary doors now scheduled to arrive in November.  The delay should not prevent GAC from achieving use of the sanctuary.
    -Next week priming and painting on exterior trim to commence.

  • Sanctuary Renovation Update - 9/5/22

    Board & batten has begun in the Narthex!  WOW!  It's looking so beautiful!

    -Painting occurred throughout the sanctuary and narthex this past week and will continue next week
    -New emergency light fixtures installed throughout project area

  • Sanctuary Renovation Update - 8/29/22

    This is a 'before' vs. 'current' picture of the sanctuary!  Thank you, Lord for your continued provisions!  The space is so full of light!!  

    -Electrical, drywall, plumbing, and other carpentry work occurred again throughout the week
    -Painting began
    -Installation of interior trim to begin 8/30/22