The Rooted Campaign

Click the image to the left to download the full ROOTED campaign booklet!

We’ve worshipped in homes, hotels, borrowed buildings, and a rented church. It’s clear that now God is leading us to firmly establish our church community in our own permanent location. Now is the time for us to settle down and put down some roots. 

Why “Rooted?” Because roots give a tree its strength. Roots nurture. Roots provide grounding so that the tree can expend its energy, not on staying in place, but on producing fruit. It’s our desire to see this community planted deeply into the fabric of Winchester so that we can expand and deepen our efforts to love God, love people and make disciples of Jesus Christ. We are rooted in the gospel, rooted in worship, rooted in  evangelism and discipleship. Now it’s time to be rooted in Winchester. 

As we walk forward through this campaign, it’s my prayer that you can envision the blessings that are to come and the lives that will be drawn near to God because you joined this effort to establish the roots of our community in Winchester. What a blessing to be part of this mission with you!