Messianic Passover Seders

This year for Holy Week, we are offering a new (to us) way you can participate in Jesus’ Last Supper: home-based Seder meals.  A Seder is the festival meal which is the centerpiece of Pesach, the week long spring festival of Passover,  in which the story of the Passover is retold and celebrated according to God’s command in Exodus 12:14. 

This day shall be for you a memorial day, and you shall keep it as a feast to the Lord; throughout your generations, as a statute forever, you shall keep it as a feast.  Exodus 12:14

During a Messianic Seder, we celebrate Jesus as the true Pascal Lamb, whose blood is over the doorpost of each believer's heart.

Home Seder Details


Traditionally, Seders are held on Maundy Thursday of Holy Week – the same night we have our Foot-Washing service at 7pm – but you may host it on whichever night is convenient for you and your guests that week.


As you can see in the picture above, the Seder plate holds small portions of the ceremonial items of Passover which allow all of our senses to participate in this act of remembering.  Then there is a time for the actual meal afterwards, often done potluck style.  For those who want to host a Seder meal in their home, our Home Seder Team will prepare kits containing the harder-to-find items that you may purchase for $50, and a list of other items for you to provide as hosts and guests. 


Anyone can host a Seder in his or her home.  You may decide to do this with your existing Grace Group, or you may invite friends from church, or non-church friends and family, or some combination of all of these.  You can also open your home to host Grace folks whom you don’t know, but who are looking for a Seder to attend.  All of these options are on the registration form when you sign-up.

Host Responsibilities

  • Choose the date on which you would like to host.
  • Register as a host below.
  • Invite guests, and/or let us know if you’re open to guests being assigned to your Seder.
  • Attend the Informational Meeting on Sunday, March 17th (after both services).
  • Pick up and pay for your Seder Kit on Sunday, March 24th (after both services).
  • Provide the remaining items needed for the Seder portion of the meal, and/or assign guests to bring or prepare them.
  • Plan and prepare the dinner meal, or choose to host a potluck dinner with your guests.
  • Lead the Seder service, as outlined in the Haggadah (provided in each kit).

Seder Registration for Hosts & Guests

Host a Home Seder

You can host a Seder with your current Grace Group, or host one open to anyone in the church who wants to come, or for friends and family outside of Grace Anglican.

We will prepare kits for hosts to pick up on Sunday, March 24th. The kits will include the harder-to-find items you will need, as well as a list of everything else you will need for the Seder.

If you have questions, please check the FAQ’s below, or look for a Seder Team member in the hallway after services each Sunday, plan to attend the Informational Meeting on Sunday, March 17th following both services, or you may email Darren Jones, our Home Seder Coordinator.

Host a home seder

Attend a Home Seder as a Guest

We would love to connect you with a host offering a Home Seder.

Attend a home seder

Important Dates to Remember

March 3rd - 17th

  • Registration for hosts and guests

Sunday, March 17th

  • Informational Meeting following both services, and the final day to sign-up for a Seder Kit
  • If you cannot attend and have questions, please email Darren Jones, Home Seder Coordinator.

Sunday, March 24th, Palm Sunday

  • Seder Kit pick-up and payment due, following both services

March 28, Maundy Thursday

  • Foot-Washing service at 7pm


When should I host my Seder? 

The traditional night is Maundy Thursday of Holy Week (March 28th), when we commemorate the Last Supper and Jesus washing the disciples’ feet. However, you can host your Seder meal on any night that week that you would like to from Sunday, March 24th through Thursday, March 28th.  We will have our annual Foot Washing Service Thursday on night at the church at 7:00pm. For those who plan to attend that service, you may want to host your Seder on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday night if you feel there will not be enough time before the service. 

Who should I invite to my Seder?

Anyone you would like! Your church small group, friends from church or your neighborhood, or open your home to host other folks from Grace who would like to attend a Seder. 

As a host, what do I provide?

We will give you a detailed list of needed items, all of which you are welcome to divvy out among your guests so everyone can join in the meal preparation. 

They include things like: a roasted egg, bitter herbs (romaine or endive), parsley, charoset, salt, horseradish, a hand towel, 2 taper candles, wine and/or grape juice (i.e. Manischewitz). All the details will be sent to you once you sign up to be a host.

What does the Seder Kit cost and when do I pick it up?

The kits cost $50 and can be paid for by cash or check (made payable to Grace Anglican Church; Memo: Seder Kit).  All payments will be collected at pick-up on March 24 after both services in the Fellowship Hall.  If you are unable to make it that day, you may contact Debbie O’Malley from the Seder Team to arrange an alternate pick-up time.

How do I sign-up to host?

Simply fill out our host sign-up form.

What is included in the Seder Kit?

  • Haggadah - service booklet (8 copies)
  • Seder plate with sections (1)
  • Napkin for Matzah
  • Matzah (regular and gluten-free)
  • Lamb shank bone
  • Candle holders (2, to be returned to Grace afterwards)
  • Recipes for charoset (the apple & nut mixture for the Seder plate), and others
  • Dinner menu suggestions

How many people will the Seder Kit provide for?

The items in the Seder Kit are the same regardless of how many people attend your Seder Meal.  We will provide 8 copies of the Haggadah – the booklet you will use for the ceremonial portion of the Seder, so even if you have 16 people, it is easy to share one booklet between 2 people.  If you would like more copies of the Haggadah, you may purchase them here.

Do I need special plates, etc.?

The Seder plate that is placed in the center of the table will be provided in the kit. Other than that, you will need plates, silverware, glasses for each guest as would normally for dinner. 

I want to host, but can’t pick up my kit on March 24th.  What should I do?

Contact Debbie O'Malley from our Seder Team to schedule another time to pick-up and pay. 

How do I sign-up as a guest?

Simply fill-out our guest sign-up form.

As a guest, how may I assist my host?

Ask your host what you can bring for either the Seder plate or for the meal itself.