Building Needs

We are so grateful to call our building home!  However, when buying a building that is in need of repair and renovation there are always needs!  Consider how you might be able to help meet some of these needs.

How You Can Help...

Facilities Team Leader

We would like to warmly welcome Ron and Beth Light as they graciously take on the Facilities Team Leader position!  We would also like to extend a warm thank you for all the work that Tess Hudson has given to our community and wish her and her husband the very best as they move into their next chapter of life!  Thank you, Tess for the work you have done and thank you Ron and Beth for the work you are and will do!  We are truly blessed. 

Facilities Team Member

There are many needs that come up with an older building.  Please consider joining this team of people to help care for our building.  Please contact Joan at if you are interested in more information about this team!


Many decisions are being made for our new building right now and because of COVID, supplies and work are delayed.  Please pray for the renovation needs of our building.  Pray for wisdom for those making decisions and for hands to help us get the work done!