Vestry Nominations & Discernment

at Grace Anglican for 2024-2026

We are proud to announce that we have two parishioners up for election on January 28. 2024 at the Annual Meeting.  

Cindy Taylor

Craig Henry - second term

All are invited to the meeting, but only members can vote.  If you are unsure of your membership status, email us!

Vestry service is not something to take lightly. Serving in this way requires a serious commitment of time and energy and we ask that each person who is considering this ministry submit themselves to a period of prayer and discernment before agreeing to stand for election. I've attached here some reading materiel for anyone who might consider nominating someone to stand for election to the vestry or for some of you who might feel personally called to this ministry. 
Click here to read the Grace Anglican Vestry Discernment Packet

Nominations for vestry service will begin on 12/1/23 and will be open until 1/2/24. After this period of time, we offer our intercessors time to pray for and with our candidates as they are able. Once the slate has been approved by the nomination committee, we let the rest of the congregation know who is standing for election two weeks prior to the annual meeting. 

If you think you know someone who might be well suited for vestry service in our church, you may nominate them at the link above. We will then follow up with this person to see if they are willing to begin this process of discernment towards standing for election to the vestry.  When considering someone for vestry, please keep these minimum requirements in mind:

To serve on the Vestry, an individual should:

(1)    Be a mature Christian committed to the orthodox doctrine, discipline and worship of the Church, 

not one who has recently come into faith. 
(2)    Worship God every Sunday in church;
(3)    Lead an active prayer life;
(4)    Know and continue studying the Bible;
(5)    Be known as a cheerful giver not only of money but of time; 
(6)    Have family relationships that reflect strong Christian commitment;
(7)    Be a leader;
(8)    Bring some skill to the Vestry which would be useful to the Church;
(9)    Have enough time to be able to serve effectively as a Vestry member; and
(10)   Make a commitment to put Vestry service high on the list of personal priorities.  

Vestry membership should not be considered as an honor for past service but as a commitment for future service.  Prior to commencing service as a member of the Vestry, each member of the Vestry shall affirm: (1) a personal commitment to the Principles set forth in the Corporation/Church’s Articles of Incorporation, in the Nicene, Apostles and Athanasian Creeds, and any Statement of Faith adopted by the Church as a requirement for Vestry service; (2) a pledge to serve without any conflict of interest; and (3) a pledge to honor the confidentiality of all confidential materials to which the Vestry member will have access during his or her term of service. Other affirmations, declarations, and/or promises may be required for service as a member of the Vestry, as shall be determined by the Vestry from time to time based upon relevant ecclesiastical and/or canonical considerations.

Nomination, Discernment, and Application Period (12/1/23 - 1/2/24)
Prayer period for approved candidates (1/3/24 - 1/11/24)
Congregational Notification Date of the approved slate (1/12/24)
Election Date at the Church's, annual meeting (1/28/24)

Concerns or questions please feel free to email us.